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When you buy a house, you are creating your life, laying the foundation for the next phase of life. This is going to be the environment you grow in, that you raise a family in. An environment where you begin again and start the next phase of your life. Yet we find it so hard to decide how to quantify what that looks like. How many bedrooms? How many baths? What style of home? How many levels? How big should the yard be? Single family or condo? So. Many. Options. So maybe instead we should be asking a different question. 

How do I want to feel in my home?

Hear me out. So many of us focus on attaining items and quantifiable goals that we forget why we want to make the changes. Think about it. You want to buy a car…but you get the car and realize that it wasn’t as fulfilling as you hoped it would be. It’s the same with buying a home. 

Yes you want to be a home owner. But what does that mean? Why do you want to become a home owner? What do you want your life to look like? Do you want to feel secure and comfortable? Do you want to feel cozy, in a place you will spend a lot of your time? Do you want to feel excited, getting ready for growth? Do you want to feel creative, like you can express yourself? Do you want to feel free, like you can make your own decisions?

These questions affect the kind of house you are looking for. Let’s take a couple of examples.

If you are someone who wants to feel free from a ton of responsibility, you’re super ambitious with work and don’t have the time to maintain a yard, and you want to feel secure knowing you have a strong community around you, then a condo purchase might be perfect for you. Condos come equipped with a community and the communal outside areas are maintained by the association. 

If you are the artsy type, you may want complete freedom to put your mark on your home and have a separate space to be creative around your family – for example, a studio. Depending on your style, maybe you want a blank canvas – a new build. Maybe you want to work with a builder throughout the building process so you can make creative decisions throughout the process from the ground up.

If you want to feel cozy, you might want an older home with a ton of character and rich wood finishings. If you want to feel more connected to your family and friends and spend more time in your home entertaining, then maybe you want an open floor plan, with multiple bedrooms for guests to stay the night.

Getting clear on how you want to feel in your day to day can help you to make more trusted, conformable decisions when it comes to purchasing a home. Understanding whatit is that you want before you begin touring homes gives you a competitive edge in the spring market. It’s likely that this purchase will be driving cause in shaping you for years to come-so it is important to know that with preparation, you can have everything you want! 



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